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Isarion – The Planet of the Serpent

The race of the Isari believe they will win the war by destroying their rival planets before the collision. Deception, stealth, and espionage are their greatest strengths. The Isari despise Cyra, their Serpent Creator, for allowing her pride to entrap them in this war. Once the final victory is won, the Isari believe they will finally be free of their Creator.




Isarion, a green swamp planet with two moons, Avan and Alarya, and three minor planets, Evstrion, Dalara, and Gaetorus

The Isari

Fallon Demir

Daughter of King Seran, rightful heir to the Isari throne

King Seran

Hologram of the downloaded consciousness of the former Isari king, father to Fallon, son of Queen Feray

Queen Feray

Hologram of the downloaded consciousness of the former Isari queen, mother to King Seran, grandmother to Fallon, daughter to King Azam, celebrated for her contributions in developing teleportation technology

King Azam

Hologram of the downloaded consciousness of the former Isari king, first king of the Isari, father of Queen Feray, developed House Demir hologram technology in secret for use by his descendants

Ahriman Vartanian

Former advisor to King Seran, assumed role of Lord Protector upon King Seran’s death, father of Arash and Shahin

Shahin Vartanian

Son of Ahriman, fighter pilot with the rank of Major in the Isari fleet

House Demir

Holographic recreations of deceased kings and queens of the Demir royal family, also referred to by Fallon as her conclave

Xerxes Paran

Child prodigy with a rare degenerative disease that leaves him paralyzed below the waist

Arsalan Demir

Leader of The Enlightened, cousin of Fallon, husband of Jasmina, father of Daria

Jasmina Demir

Wife of Arsalan, doctor for The Enlightened, mother of Daria

Farzan Davin

Elder of The Enlightened

The Enlightened

Group of Isari that were banished to the Serpent moon Avan for their opposition to the war effort, also called The Outcasts of Avan

The Ghosts of Isarion

Network of spies loyal to Fallon Demir

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