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Gunmir - The Planet of the Wolf

The Magni race believe that their Creator, Tyr, formed Gunmir as a frozen stone that would survive the collision with the rival worlds, thus destroying their enemies forever. When the war is won, The Great Wolf will breathe on Gunmir, thawing the planet into an eternal paradise for his beloved Magni people.



Tyr, also called The Great Wolf by the Magni


Gunmir, a cold, dense planet

The Magni

Valik Son of Vali

Warrior in the clan of the Last Men

Lara Ylvald

Warrior in the clan of the Last Men, great-great-granddaughter of Ylva the Beautiful

Dag Son of Mikael

Archer in the clan of the Last Men

The Last Men

A Magni clan that inhabits Heimsgar and its surrounding areas, defenders of the passage to the Valley of the Spirit

Halvor Son of Jary

Warrior in the clan of the Last Men

Rolf Son of Asmund

Chieftain of the clan of The Last Men, husband of Asta

Goran Son of Gunne

Storyteller, husband of Margit


Female blacksmith

Elise Ylvald

Younger sister of Lara, training to be a shaman healer

Odd the Dead Man

Pale and hairless warrior found naked in the snow by The Last Men, suffers from severe memory loss


The Last Men’s largest warrior

The Guardians

Storm mages, protectors of the Valley of the Spirit


Wolf, companion to Valik

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